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Product description

The company's products at reasonable prices, excellent quality, over the years with many customers were good cooperation, at the moment, we sincerely look forward to your favor!

fashion handbags/The wallet

Detailed introduction

fashion handbags/The wallet products for our company's major product categories, can be completely according to the style and price you want to design for you!..

Fabric curtain

Detailed introduction

Curtain products is our company's second major categories of products, including fabric curtains, rolling, blinds, sold to the world!.

Bed fabric

Detailed introduction

Bedding series is our company products a and reasonable price is the choice of your choice! First-class technology is our guarantee of quality!

Company profile

    Business qualification: international trade, import and export qualification

    Business model: Dongguan City Office,production processing ,Distribution management.

    Location: Dongguan Guangdong

    Has passed the enterprise business and tax registration information authenticity verification

    Has passed the international import and export registration information authenticity verification